Mk-9 Stream

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Effectively control crowds and riots using the Red MK-9 H2O 16.0 oz Spray from Sabre. Featuring a potent 10% OC concentration and 1.33% major capsaicinoids, Sabre's formula has the strength to stop the toughest assailants. It immediately attacks the sensitive membranes of the lungs, throat and eyes to cause instant target immobilization. The spray has been optimized for security and law enforcement personnel by utilizing a safer water based formula. The spray's water base illuminates the possibility of combustion and flammability, making the MK-9 safe to use in conjunction with electronic discharge weapons such as tasers. The H2O series is water soluble and therefore easier to clean and decontaminate areas where it is used. The canister itself utilizes a pistol style grip to offer more effective handling and deployment options.