Mk-6 Stream

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Stop criminals quickly and efficiently with the help of the Sabre Red H2O MK-6 .69 oz Stream Deliver Spray. Featuring a purified formula with a 10% OC concentration and 1.33 major capsaicinoids, this sprayer boasts the strength needed to leave the toughest and most aggressive combatants on the ground. The canister comes housed in an ergonomic body, that allows users to draw and deploy the spray with lightning quick efficiency. As soon as the spray makes contacts with skin it immediately goes to work inflaming the sensitive membranes of the lungs, eyes and mouth. With their vision compromised and breathing strained, the target is left temporarily immobilized so that the user can take appropriate action. As an added safety precaution the formula is water based to eliminate the chance of combustion or flammability. The spray also contains a UV dye for easy suspect identification.