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FlatSider XR7 Shoulder Holster

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Flatsiding works so well on AKER belt slide holsters, they adapted it for shoulder holster carry! What does that mean for the 107 FlatSider XR7? In the molding process, AKER uses a customized method to ensure that the back of the shoulder holster is flat against your body and the fine contouring of the weapon details comes out on the front. This creates a stunning look and provides extra friction retention while ensuring that your holster stays perfectly close against your body. The dual-plane open muzzle accommodates both standard and long barrels for full size or compact weapons and minimizes printing through the jacket. Comfort is further achieved by the twin harness tabs that are carefully positioned so the gun grip hangs close to the body, where it is comfortable and concealed - and there's an adjustable tension screw that doubles as a trigger guard stop.