5.11 Tactical

Taclite M-65 Jacket

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A staple of rugged comfort on the battlefields since 1965, the original 5.11 Tactical Taclite M-65 jacket is revamped and tailored for a modern fit. The 5.11 Tactical M-65 jacket's outer shell is comprised of resilient Taclite ripstop fabric treated with Teflon, safeguarding it from fading, stains, and soil damage. The interior lining is minimal, without insulation, affording wearers the option of layering accordingly. Like other items in the 5.11 jacket series, the RAPIDraw system allows for easy access to pockets and interior contents. Unique to 5.11 Tactical's Taclite M-65 are its paired, secret document pockets located around the chest.