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Widely recognized by law enforcement and the military as an authority in self-defense sprays, Smith & Wesson impresses with the discretion and guaranteed protection offered by the SWP-1203 .5 oz with holster and quick release clip. Smith & Wesson's .5 ounce pepper spray reserve emits up to ten, cone-shaped spray patterns effective at a ten foot range (pending wind). The active ingredient in Smith & Wesson's SWP-1203 is oleoresin capsicum (.15%), rating at a peak of 2 million Scoville heat units and capable of immobilizing assailants up to thirty minutes. The powerful spray severely disturbs your attacker's eyes, skin, respiratory system and marks them with a UV dye. The Smith & Wesson SWP-1203 .5 oz includes a leather holster, as added precaution from incidental use, and a quick-release key chain, increasing portability and accessibility when needed.